Kitchen Countertops

Do you have dated kitchen countertops? Countertops make or break a kitchen’s appearance, so it is important to choose countertop materials that will match your style and are in line with how you use your kitchen. Getting your countertops replaced will not only make your home more enjoyable but will also increase the value of your home. Whether your current kitchen countertops need replacing, or you are just looking for a more modern style, Stone Brokers of Texas offers complete counter installation and we use only top of the line materials for all of our design projects.  With our vast experience in fabrication and design, we have been turning families’ kitchens into breathtaking spaces for 30 years.

When it comes to countertop materials, there are so many choices that it makes it difficult to make a decision. There are pros and cons of all types; some materials may be more heat resistant than others or require less upkeep. Stone Brokers specializes in natural stone countertops. Natural stone is heat and scratch resistant and can protect against mold and mildew. Moreover, quartz and granite countertops are more common and affordable now than ever, and they come in many different colors with a naturally beautiful appearance to suit your style. Furthermore, granite and quartz countertops require minimal maintenance. Let our fabricators help you choose the best material for your kitchen space.

We also specialize in kitchen backsplashes. A backsplash not only increases the beauty of your kitchen, but it also will protect your wall from oil and other liquids. Natural stone kitchen backsplashes will make your kitchen appear more modern and stylish.

Here at Stone Brokers of Texas we strive to be the best in kitchen installation, we will take you by the hand and walk through the design and remodeling process. Educating you on what you need to know and helping you meet your particular design. From choosing the material, to deciding on an edge profile to faucet layouts we take into careful consideration of your style and needs to ensure that we create a kitchen that you and your family can enjoy for many years down the road. Furthermore, after installation our specialists will provide you with helpful information on how to clean and upkeep your new countertops. Contact Stone Brokers of Texas for all of your kitchen countertop needs today. Our professionals are ready to help with your new kitchen design and remodel.