Bathroom Countertops

There can be many reasons for why you should choose to remodel your bathroom and replacing your bathroom countertops can have the largest impact on your bathrooms appearance. Most often than not, a bathroom is the first room you walk into after waking up. A beautiful design in your bathroom will make you appreciate and enjoy your home more and get your day started off the right way. Furthermore, upgrading your bathroom countertops will increase the value of your largest investment. At Stone Brokers of Texas, we are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations in bathroom design. With our 30 years of knowledge and experience in fabrication and design, you can feel confident that we will get a job done the way you want it to be accomplished.

Choosing bathroom countertops can be daunting with many options for materials available. Vanity countertops get attacked by humidity, make-up, and various types of liquids. So it is important to select a material that can withstand the day to day abuse. But what about appearance? Quartz and granite countertops are modern, stylish, and practical. Marble countertops are elegant and beautiful. Whatever your preferences and needs are, our experienced fabricators can craft custom countertops to your specific requirements. The fabricators will inspect a raw stone piece of cracks, fissures or imperfections and after it passes the inspection the fabricator will cut, mold and polish the rough slab into a beautiful and smooth surface for your bathroom countertop.


You and your family’s bathroom remodel does not have to be a fantasy. The professionals at Stone Brokers of Texas are committed to being the best in custom bathroom countertop solutions. Stone Brokers experts will walk you through the design and remodeling process. Making the process as simple as possible while informing you on the benefits of the different types of materials and at the same time meeting your specific design needs. From color selection to faucets to materials,  everything is taken into careful consideration of your particular style and wants to ensure that we create a bathroom you can enjoy and escape to. At Stone Brokers of Texas we like to go above and beyond your expectations, after we have installed your bathroom countertops our professionals will educate and inform on practices of cleaning and maintain your countertops.  Contact Stone Brokers of Texas for all of your vanity countertop needs today. Our experts are ready to help with your new bathroom design and remodel.