When choosing a countertop for your home, it is important to know what material best suits your project needs. With its classic appeal, marble stone makes any countertop and feature look upscale and stylish. With our extensive selection, we have multiple styles and colors in marble countertops. Here at Stone Builders of Texas, we work within your budget and specifications. With a wide range selection of natural stone, we create beautiful kitchen and bathroom countertops in any price range. Our marble comes from top distributors in the area to you give you unrivaled quality and selection and with 30 years of experience in design and marble fabrication, you know you can trust us with your home improvement.

Marble is a versatile stone that is located in mountainous areas all over the world.  It is a stone with a classic beauty that is unique in style and personality. It has veins of mineral deposits that form varied patterns making it, so no two marble slabs are identical, which means you will have a novel countertop for your home. Although it is not as resilient as granite, marble is much harder than soapstone.  It helps cover wear and light blemishes.  Of course, the main reason why marble is so popular as a countertop is that of its beautiful and elegant appearance. The stone comes all types of different colors to match your tastes.

Marble is heat resistant. You can place your hot pans and containers on the surface of marble with no issue. Additionally, in the bathroom, it can withstand hot objects like a heating iron as long it is not left on the surface for too long.  Its heat resistance and elegant appearance have made it a favored choice for the surrounds of a fireplace. Also, marble is generally strong and does not easily chip or dent.

Here at Stone Brokers of Texas, we are the best in kitchen design and implication. We make the design and remodeling process as simple as possible, and it is catered specifically to your needs. We specialize in marble fabrication and will craft the perfect marble countertop for your home.  Furthermore, after installation, our specialists will provide you with helpful information on how to clean and upkeep your new marble countertops. Contact Stone Brokers of Texas for all of your marble stone countertop needs today and make an appointment for a free in-home consultation. Our professionals are ready to help with your new kitchen design and remodel.

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